Jim Buresch


I am painter/ installation artist who creates colossal outdoor installations such as a replica of Arlington National Cemetery for World AIDS Day in 1991 and in 2015, again for World AIDS Day, I created a mile and half long Red Ribbon in St. Petersburg Fl.  In 1999 I covered the side of an apartment building overlooking San Francisco's Castro Street with a four story pink triangle saying, "Keep the Castor Queer" in an quixotic fight against that city's gentrification. 

I’m a trained journalist having wrote for a gay newspaper in South Florida after a decade as Senior Project Manager for Wells Fargo in San Francisco where I was an active part of the original ACT UP San Francisco as well as working for Dennis Peron’s first in the world medical marijuana buyers club. Politically, I’ve worked for CA Prop 215 legalizing medical marijuana and in Washington on that states passage of legalizing gay marriage. In Palm Springs it was an honor to serve on the Stonewall Democrat’s Board as Vice-President and a field organizer in opposing the passage of the anti-gay Knight Initiative.

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