Miguel Alvarez


My art stems from the understanding of different Occult practices and its' societies. I exam dreams, nightmares, and fear, all which is often portrayed through figurative and nonrepresntational imagery. Bizzare objects, tales of fantasy and the that symbolism that surrounds our curiosity.

My inspiration comes from Surrealism and the powerful works of Salvador Dali and the delicate machinations of Max Ernst. Although, I love Surrealism, there are other schools that inspire me just as much, and they are; Contemporary Art, Modernist-Primitivism, Expressionism and last, but definitely not the least, the representational work of the Classical Masters of the Renaissance.

When it comes to painting, there is no area for delicateness in my art. It's raw and it's punctual. My art is made for many reasons and many things, but mostly, it's made to make us uncomfortable in our own perspective, in our own reality. It's also made to challenge our perception and drive our kindred spirit. I approach it without boundaries and without borders. I will paint subject matter that inspires me in it's many different forms and paint what's taboo and controversial. I will build on the virtues that were taught to me by the Muses of Art. And as I wind around the clock, inspiration comes in time. As I sacrifice and perservere through this mortal coil, it's my search for God that my spiritual foundation is built and in time would have painted a list of grievances of humanity and present them to him.. My belief in God is without measure and to gauge his power is fruitless. Ever, on a quest for self idealization, always questioning Who am I? What makes me feel the way I do? Can I, or will I, dare to spell it out? Can I identify with it or relate to it at all? Or, will I have someone teach it to me? Does it even have a name, I wonder? The answers are so obvious to me, I don't know. The beauty does lie in it's discovery however.. Will you be able to see it how I see it, or see something entirely different.

So, I will continue to paint til I die, for its the only thing I have left to give. Still hoping that at some point, somewhere, somehow it'll make sense. And I will, continue to look for the light in darkness, seek for the truth behind the lie, and shed light on the things I refuse to see and acknowledge within my spirit. But most of all, it's you who truly inspires me the most. I learn who I am through you. So keep moving forward with an immortal mind, break the barriers and forge a new idea and a new story to tell. After all, we were made in his likeness. 

Dare to dream and embrace it all!


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