Russell Brown


Based in Dublin, Ireland and New York City, Russell Patrick Brown is dancer, choreographer and historian. His work discovers, explores and documents embodied modes of being within the context of tradition, history and performed curation of the past. His mediums are photography, video and live performance.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Russell grew up with Irish traditional music and dance, queer culture and his family's Roma Gypsy and Eastern European psychic heritage. He studied Irish traditional dance with Donny Golden in New York City and Vogue dance with Celso Satori of the Iconic House of LaBeija. In contemporary dance, he has been mentored by Dr. Finola Cronin, Maureen Fleming and Maria Kerin.

His first major work, Mercy of Trees, was presented in New York City in partnership with New York Public Library as part of Origin’s First Irish Theatre Festival, 2014. A site-specific, immersive theatrical experience, Mercy of Trees was an original Early Modern North American creation myth told through dance and music. He is currently a participant in a project with the Abbey Theatre (Amharclann na Mainistreach), the national theatre of Ireland, led by playwright Shaun Dunne, which documents and presents the contemporary experience of people living with HIV in Ireland. His new work, The Querist, will premiere at the University of Limerick September 20, 2017. At the intersections of economic, philosophical, spiritual and sartorial inquiry, this solo dance production explores the embodied memory of fashion and its infectious past.

Russell is a PhD Arts Practice candidate at the University of Limerick Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Supervised by Dr. Catherine Foley, his dissertation is titled ‘The Somatic Materialist: An Arts Practice Investigation of the Dancer as the Embodiment of History, Tradition and Curation of the Past.’ He received his BA in Music from the Baldwin-Wallace University Conservatory of Music and his MA in Irish Studies from the New York University Glucksman Ireland House. He is a certified in Dalcroze Eurythmics and Fleming Elastixx and plays the folk harp and piano.

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My movement and research are devoted to discovering, exploring and documenting the unique modes of being developed by dancers in the past and present. My work is based in my own dance practices as a queer, Irish/Roma Gypsy-American living in Ireland with HIV.

Through arts practice research, I have discovered that dance often works as an embodied memory of past materialities, and traditional performance curates that past through the body. Of particular interest me are the experiences of those dancers who lived or are living with HIV. I am committed to exploring and documenting the unique knowledge and types of knowledge produced through a body living with the disease.


University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland; Irish World Academy of Music and Dance; Supervisor: Dr. Catherine E. Foley; Structured PhD Arts Practice May 2019

New York University, New York City, NY; Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Glucksman Ireland House; Master of Arts in Irish and Irish American Studies May 2015, GPA: 3.92

Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music, Berea, OH; Bachelor of Arts May 2004; Major: Music; Minor: Arts Management

The Institute for Jaques-Dalcroze Education in residence at the University of Maryland, College Park; Jaques-Dalcroze Teacher Certificate;  July 2003


The Querist Limerick, Ireland 2017

Mercy of Trees New York City 2014

Scooter Pie New York 2010-2013; Performed in 2011 and 2012 in Lily Dale, NY and in 2013 at Dixon Place in New York City

The Hard Shoe Project New York 2006-2009; Premiered at the Bowery Poetry Club and toured New York City Schools


27 May 2017: Paper/demonstration, “An Autoethnographic Cartography of an Irish Traditional and Vogue Dancer’s Life with HIV”, 1st Symposium of the LGBTQ+ Music Study Group, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, England

20 May 2017: Paper/demonstration, “Stepping in Vogue at the Blue Teapot: Creating Inclusive Choreographies Through a Queer, Somatic Approach to Fashion History”, Queering Ireland 2017: QUEER TIME(S), University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, 19th Annual Comparative Literature Conference

12 May 2017: Paper/demonstration, “‘We are the ones who should not exist’: An Arts Practice Query into the effect of HIV-as-process upon Vogue Choreography”, Theatres of Contagion: Infectious Performance, Birkbeck, University of London

25 June 2016: Paper, “Introducing the Dance Calceologist: Irish dance history (1893-1916, 1994-2016) as told by shoes” Dance Research Forum Ireland’s 6th International Conference in association with New York University: Tisch Department of Performance Studies, Steinhardt Dance Education, Tisch Initiative for Creative Research, Glucksman Ireland House and in partnership with Irish Arts Center

3 April 2016: Paper, “The Transatlantic Origins of the Irish Jig”
American Conference for Irish Studies National Conference, Notre Dame, Indiana

11 March 2016: Paper, “The Transatlantic Origins of the Irish Jig: a Case Study in Performance Historiography” Crisis, Migration, and Performance Symposium, NUI Galway

27 February 2016: Paper, “Carolan’s Presence in Print: a Bibliographic Study of an Irish Icon”

International Council for Traditional Music Irish National Committee Annual Conference, Dublin City University

16 October 2015: Text and dance piece, “As Well”
1st International Yeats Society Conference, University of Limerick

19 September 2015: Paper, “Redefining the Jig through Transatlantic Dance Migration” 16th Annual Graduate Conference on Transatlantic History, University of Texas, Arlington 


Men in Kilts/Jigs & Wigs, RTÉ/BBC: Irish Dancer Las Vegas 2013

Celtic Rhythm: Irish Dancer Dublin 2008

Darrah Carr Dance: Irish/Modern Dancer NYC 2007-2012

The Box/Therapy/NYC Nightclubs: Vogue/Irish Dancer 2010-Present

Imagining Imaginary Invalid, Mabou Mines: Dancer/Actor NYC 2013

Harmattan Theater: Harper NYC 2010, 2013

Session harpist for Broadway and Recording Artists2010-present

A Wonderful Life, Surflight Theater: Actor New Jersey 2007

Bowery Poetry Club: Poet NYC 2006-2010

Periwinkle National Theatre: Actor NYC 2006

Charmed, Warner Bros: Actor Los Angeles 2005

Dojoji, ActivEye/Cleveland Public Theatre: Musician Cleveland 2004


Shortlisted for UCD Parity Studios Residency 2016

University of Limerick Non-EU Fee Waiver 2015-18

New York University Half-Tuition Scholarship 2013-2015

Baldwin-Wallace University Trustees Scholarship 2002


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