March 23–March 25, 2017
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Martin Wong

Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road Wan Chai
Hong Kong, ,
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As Seen on T.V.- It's Fun to Shop and Save by Martin Wong, 1981


PPOW Gallery is exhibiting work by artist Martin Wong alongside historical and contemporary work by George Boorujy, Timothy Horn, Dinh Q Lê and Jessica Stoller at Art Basel Hong Kong.

During the '70s, Martin Wong (1946-1999) was active in the San Francisco Bay Area art scene and was involved with the performance art groups The Cockettes and Angels of Light. In 1978 he moved to Manhattan, eventually settling in the Lower East Side, where his attention turned exclusively to painting. Wong set forth to depict urban life on the Lower East Side where he then lived. Through his visual diary he built a landscape of stacked bricks, crumbling tenements, constellations, closed storefronts and hand signals. His narratives were populated by the neighborhood's denizens including firemen, boxers, the incarcerated, graffiti artists, and families. In Wong’s last major body of work he turned his attention to his own heritage and painted scenes from New York and San Francisco’s Chinatowns. Wong's works are charged with a multitude of levels that address the artist's personal, poetic, and social concerns, reflecting a sense of compassion and self-identification within his subjects that still resonates today. Wong died in San Francisco from an AIDS related illness in 1999.