September 22–October 15, 2017
Price: Free
  • AMP
  • 432 Commercial Street
  • Provincetown, MA, 02657
  • USA

the form is stone, the dress is rain

432 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA, 02657
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Stone Notes, graphite, by Kathleen White


An exhibition curated by Visual AIDS Artist+ Member Rafael Sánchez. Opening on September 22, from 6-9PM.

"In her later notebooks, Kathleen White created a number of drawings on musical staves, incorporating dolmen and stone forms in place of musical notes. Previously she had taken to making phonetic, word-like drawings on similar staves which became known (and performed) as sound texts. The introduction of stones within the series in early 2013 was then a departure in direct conversation with the nomadic dolmen she and I had built and stewarded through situations in New York City during the prior five years. Gradually hieroglyphs emerged in the drawings that would eventually blossom into pages of cryptic tablature stories, seemingly about this journey, its trials and its bonds.The present show’s origins occurred when AMP invited me to consider a project just as I was starting to lift the veil, so to speak, on these cryptograms.

I was compelled by the idea of an engagement with sensitive peers and the possibility of bringing the conversation to Provincetown, a place close to Kathleen’s own origins in many respects. Kathleen had said of her works, “they are messages to the future.” They hold a lot in them. Many were made in our bed and perhaps I am too close to them at times. So much happened in that last year especially that still clouds a clear path for me. Kathleen was the point and also my witness. The drawings bring things home. Ultimately, they are universal and need other witnesses to participate in what they may reveal.

Synchronistic events and a mutual interest in ancient forms led to conversations with Hapi Phace and, particularly, to his stone art. The seeds were thus sown for a broader investigation to the origins (myths), the nature of marks, and their role in the creation of human bonds. As colleagues with roots between New York and New England, these nine artists gathered represent a family of peers, each maintaining strong individual studio practices. They are informed as well by shared histories and collaboration. Intimate and often playful connection to materials, methods, and the confluence of art and theatre are likewise held in common. While symbols and forms serve as guides and unifiers, the show proposes an interplay of these narratives as both points of origin and as points of departure.

Readings and theatre program to be announced." - Rafael Sánchez, NYC, May 2017

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