Artist+ Registry

The Artist+ Registry is the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS.  It offers a unique resource to inspire and educate the public.  Visual AIDS assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work and helping them reach new audiences. The Artist+ Registry is open to all HIV+ artists.

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Reserved Ancestry

Sean Paul Gallegos

Ribbon Small  Export

David Jerry

We All Live in aa


General Idea, 'Self-portrait with Objects'

Felix Partz (of General Idea)

Untitled (Reclining Nude)

Joe Brainard


Howard Brookner

Stay Gold, Pony Boy

Aaron Kissman

Ada, from"I have something to tell you"

Adrain Chesser

208755 10150163302292342 2138437 N

Adebayo Idris

Kellard Healing The Learned Art Mary Detail 400

Adrian Kellard


Jochen Klein

down stream

Alexandora Gildersleeve

Eu vou me Piratear / The Get Up Trailer Still

Dudu Quintanilha



Let the Storm In

Andrew John Smither

Paper Women of the World

Alan Walker

My Life Until Now: Self-portrait with Scott standing

Albert Winn

After the Earthquake

Alex Aleixo

Untitled  #10

Alex Greenfield

Scurlpture Series: Look ! Reincarnation Exists, I want to come back."

Alex Rothwell