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Pier 34, New York

Marisela La Grave

Mourning Sickness

Kia LaBeija


Edwin Lacend

A sad story

Yen Yen-Jui Lai

Padayon. (Padayon means carry on, or move forward, in a deeper sense it also means to keep moving, or never give up.)

Malaya Lakas

Fes Granery

Jeremy G. Landau

The Thinker

Morris Lane


John Larabee

Title unknown

Ross Laycock

Las Indetectables

Noelia Le Shalá

World AIDS Day

Christian Ledan

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Darrall Lee

Hard Times

Michael Lee

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Shaliek Lee

Couple #3

Jonathan Leiter


Nancer LeMoins


Santiago Lemus

Still Life


o Mio Yemaya

Eric Lerner

Metal Head Cage

John Lesnick

Luv 'til it hurts

Todd Lester

Birds of Ill Omen - Upcoming theater work

Corentin Leven

I've Got an Eye On You

Fran Lewis

Do You ?

Joe Lewis


Richard Lewis

Untitled (yellow collage)

Samuel Lewis

Blood Stain

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Woman Wrapped with the Sun and the Beast

Marc Lida

Camphor Emery

Edward Lightner


Elliott Linwood

Humans As Hosts: 006

Kairon Liu


Ronald Lockett


Edimara Loddo

Postcards from the Edge 4X6

Kurtiss Lofstrom


Roman Lokati

Dirty & Proud

Charles Ryan Long

Carole Labrie illustration

Antonio Lopez

The Love Is Real

Michelle Lopez

untitled 1 (Physician Desk Ref.)

Gin Louie

Paula visualaids 03

Paula Lovely


Michael Lownie

Alien Umelt

Lucas Lugarinho

One Day Dose

Charles Lum

Pause for Paws

Wander Lust


Paul Lynch (aka LynchMob66)

Turn out the night, Gold Nation featuring Sir Ari Gold

George Lyter